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If I can guide you to hold your creativity in your own crafting hands, that to me, is WILD.


As a trained dance movement therapist, I have been studying the healing aspects of art. Our unique expression of it often has suffered because of school, because of fear and because of the believe that art is supposed to be pretty. 

My personal experience as a dance movement therapist showed mind blowing positive effects on children, Alzheimer patients, people with special skills, youth and more.

Intrigued by the power of art and with a degree in my hand,  I wanted to dive into the field beyond logic and statistics. Art itself became a priority.

Jazz vocal studies, swing dancing, composing, writing poetry and short stories followed. Living in Berlin enabled me to perform my art, my music and my poetry on various stages. I feel honoured to be part of different groups, shows and Variétes who host spaces for raw art that do not smell judgemental.

I love to perform on stages where there is support for each other, where perfection is NOT in the line up, where artist cheer each other up. Where we show up
for the sake of ART, not judgement or success.

Intrigued by the immens effect that the use of art, can bring in ones life it has become my unshakable mission to empower people to encounter their own creativity (if they want!)

The principles of the book ‘The Artist Way’ by Julia Cameron
became a profound milestone in my teachings and coachings.


My methods and my mission have mingled with a beautiful woman, called Johanna Ernst.
We founded our company, called "Ab in die Transformation", where we spread
workshops, events and narratives about a future that we WANT to see.

Our mission is to nurrish and cultivate a feeling of self- efficacy among human beings.
We cheer people up to create their own vision of a future they want to see and create.
Johanna is a powerhouse of supreme modern sustainability. A woman who delovers her mission without shaming or correction. She manages with such ease to transform the old heavy idea of sustainability into a sense of responsability that is fullfilling and fun.


  • Käthe, If everything would be set and done, what would you do?"
    You would see me in a kitchen (with loads of Lindy Hop Dancers). You'd probably hear me singing loudly, cooking, talking, writing poetry, dreaming about my own cabaret show. All at the same time! I guess this is what I am really, truly about.
  • ​​What are your highest values?
    I highly value being surrounded by people who are true to themselves, genuinely authentic and dream big. I highly value human beings who have that sweet and strong attitude of “everything is figureoutable” (Thank you Marie Forleo for amplifying!). ​I highly value living and working with people who take their potential and talents seriously. I love if they find a sweet mix of serious devotion, commitment and never lose the fun out of their focus.I highly value fun education that is driven by real curiosity and that is aligned with the magnificent unique talents of the student.
  • ​Best case scenario?
    Being surrounded by creatives. To me, creatives are vivid humans who do things to their own unique taste. MMMMHH, realness! Yes. Best case scenario is to me a sweet place (Schnittmenge) where my biggest contribution to the world goes hand in hand with my biggest fun, resources and profitability.​​
  • Who do you admire?
    I do admire artists and non-artists who are using their creativity humbly and sincerely. People who treat creativity like something holy (let's be honest here, it is). People who stay true to their own voice. Blossom Dearie, Hildegard Knef, Faber, Käptn Peng, Picasso, Jonathan Meese and Mascha Kaléko are the first in line. My work is truly inspired by them and their profound relationship to art. Chapeau for showing up, you beautiful artists! Thank god you did dare!​​
  • What is your life truly about?
    I am a storyteller. And as much as I am a speaker who loves the stage, I am fascinated by listening to all kinds of voices and stories all around the globe. Preferably in odd places. My striving is to keep dreaming ridiculously big and doing a good long and profound research for a good medicine to be contagious with that. My life is about expression of all the ideas that flow to me. It is much about art, poetry, beauty, play. Whole hearted connections. It is about good deep belly laughs. It is about dancing at the most uncommon places. It is about searching and finding the weirdest things. It is about singing Christina Aguilera with my best friend, performing like teenagers. It is - to me - all about daring to be unique. All the way up. Weird. Loud or silent. ​​
  • What are the convictions that guide you through life?
    My conviction is that art has a big rocking impact on us. I believe that art has the potential to heal and that our own passion is contagious to our surroundings. I am convinced that if nothing can get you out of bed, (because you're so tired of life), the willingness to create can.​
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