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about me

As a trained dance movement therapist, I have been studying the healing aspects that the experience of art and our unique expression within it can offer. 


My personal experience as a dance movement therapist showed mind blowing positive effects on children, Alzheimer patients, people with special skills, youth and more. 


Intrigued by the power of art and with a degree in my hand,  I wanted to dive into the field beyond logic and statistics. Art itself became a priority.

If I can guide you to hold your creativity in your own crafting hands, that to me, is WILD.

Jazz vocal studies, swing dancing, composing, writing poetry and short stories followed. The happiness that I experienced in the process of making art and expressing myself became the reason for me to strive for an artistic life.   


My values, my profession and my deep devotion to my art have mingled together so gently that I naturally began conceptualizing my own methods, workshops and seminars around the topic of creative empowerment.

Today I host group experiences for youngsters on an international level - in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Slovenia, and Latvia - about their purpose, their fire, their own voice in the world. 


The principles of the book ‘The Artist Way’ by Julia Cameron became a profound milestone in my teachings. These tools and principles, the methods of art therapies and the unshakable love for art itself forms the foundation of my work today.


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