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creative services

As a humble humanitarian I devote my time, energy, and big love to nourish and boost the Peter Pan playfulness and creativity among us.

A passionate possibilitarian I strive to be. As a fantasy fighter I walk my walk. Most importantly, I am a weird visionary driven by a winwin womb.

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1 on 1


When you book a 1 on 1 session with me I stand before you as a teacher of courage, a human who wants to invite, enable, and provoke you to find and raise your own voice. Whole heartedly, we work together to unpack your creativity.


In my sessions, you will dare to break patterns and old rules, learn to make mistakes, and be led to that funky, juicy place where you meet your own creativity.


speaking engagements

Lectures, podcasts, and events. My speaking engagements are driven by the unshakable will to enable people to live a fulfilled and creative life.


As a storyteller who fell in love with words and language, I share the stories that I've gathered from my years experience and from blocked artists all around the globe.


Invite me and let us transform ideas of how we should educate creatives and use art as a powerful tool to empower.




Close the gap between audience and artist at your next event. Inspired by my beautiful friend and curator Hagar Orr, my artistic performances, gallery talks, and concerts are designed specifically to strengthen the relationship between audience and artist.


To be comfortable with each other, to be vulnerable, and to ask questions that are real and pure with the sincere wish to inspire the audience to dare to try art more.

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creative partners

These people have got to be on this page because without our significant and wild co-creation and path together, I would not sit on that very bottom that I do now. These people I want to call my major milestones. Check out those beautiful souls! They have made a major impact in my life and the best is: They are currently making a major impact on the world on a large scale!

johanna ernst

Johanna Ernst



"Käthe ist Kunst. Käthe ist anders. Käthe ist mitreißend. Dabei können es Worte, Menschen, Momente, Dinge, Zeichnungen oder Lieder sein. Ihre Arbeit hat eine unverwechselbare Handschrift. Mich bereichert sie ungemein und ich wünsche jedem und jeder mit ihr zusammenzuarbeiten. Denn eine Zusammenarbeit mit Käthe bedeutet pure Freude."



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